"A mix of irony seekers and hardcore spelling nerds." - TimeOut New York

"...the bar game of choice for self-proclaimed geeks and well-groomed lovers of logorrhea."- The Village Voice

"...go for the cold drinks and the inevitable laughs derived from watching a person who is tipsy try to spell trichotillomania."
- The New York Times

The Williamsburg Spelling Bee burst into New York's independent arts scene in 2004, offering a fun, nostalgic, unexpected barroom diversion.

Hosts bobbyblue and Jen Dziura (a singer and a comedian/Mensa member, respectively), pioneered the kinder and gentler three-strikes-you're-out format, the use of cheeky icebreaker questions, an original theme song, and a bantering hosting style that make the show entertaining for contestants as well as spectators.

Over the last four years, bobby and Jen have hosted well over 100 spelling bees, including 60+ person fundraising events for the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho.

The duo is available for your corporate and private events and fundraisers -- you supply the audience; they'll bring the words, the expertise, and the guaranteed nerdy-good time.

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Chopard Holiday Party:

50 Parties Spelling Bee for Ryan McGinness Studios:
Photo by Eric Walton

Employee Spelling Bee for Manhattan GMAT:

Fundraiser Spelling Bee for Housing Works:
Photo by Gina Rini